MOBIS in North America

General Information

HYUNDAI MOBIS is a globally known for its productions system, R&D, and after-sales automotive parts distribution in worldwide. We do believe that North America is such an attractive and imporatant market in the world automotive industry. While MTCA is the heart of our business in North America, and MOBIS runs a production plant, part serivce, and quality checking offices in the Great local regions all over in North America. Our core mission is providing our products without any quality issues, so customers can enjoy the best driving experience.

More About

Our famous automotive module manufacturing systems are the key for our success. Hyundai Mobis operates two major facilities in Alabama for Hyundai and Georgia for Kia Motor Company. 2 more plants are run in the Great Lakes Region. From the birth of today’s automotive industry, Hyundai Mobis proudly to be a long-term supplier of Chrysler

Quality Control

The QC center is located in Los Angeles area. Our main roles are monitoring and analyzing quality issues of our products that are supplied in North America. “Customer First” is our core mission, so Hyundai and Kia’s new models equipped with Hyundai Mobis’ products are finally checked here in the QC center. We keep testing and monitoring to follow the latest quality related trends, and support our productions sites for your satisfaction.

After-Sales Service

Mobis Parts America(MPA) is the main control tower for distributing Hyundai and Kia After Sales Parts in the States. Currently 8 Parts Distribution Center(PDC) are being operated to cover over 1,600 dealers and 2 more PDCs are planned to be built by 2017. While in Canada, Mobis Parts Canada(MPCA) is responsible to provide entire nation, based on Toronto and Vancouver areas. Both MPA and MPCA are improving everyday for the best AS experience in North America.