Hyundai Mobis Technical Centre in North America(MTCA) is frontier of MOBIS to be a ‘Global Top Tier’ automotive part supplier in 2020. The centre in Plymouth, Michigna works on various vehicle Infotainment, Mechatronics(Chassis, Safety, Vision Systems), Autonomous(Self Driving, Vision Perception), and many projects. Team member, who work mainly on software development on many cutting edge technology projects like different generations of AVN (Audio Video Navigation) products, functional safety, AUTOSAR based on brake, steering, and airbag systems. Engineers are involved in various project phases from gathering requirements to validation phase of the Product Life cycle.

Research Areas

Multimedia projects at MTCA involves Audio Systems which interfaces components such as CD, USB, iPod, Tuners, etc., to the Main CPU. The Main CPU gets the user inputs through the Key Board and/or CAN. These inputs are parsed and appropriate sources are brought into action. Various screens corresponding to different sources and their status information are displayed on to the Full Dot LCD or TFT connected to the Main CPU.


Mechatronics department at MTCA mainly focus software development for the R & D projects in chassis, body domain area. Scope includes developing platform software to various controllers for braking systems, air suspension, and steering and safety systems. Further to this R&D center also develops application logic for research projects in advanced driver assistance area. Model based design approach is used to execute application logic.