Our People

Scott M. Sr.Manager, Brakes

I was lucky enough to join the Mobis team in July, 2015. As an enthusiast engineer in the auto industry, I found a great fit with Mobis, as my team is responsible for the Engineering Design and Development of Advanced Brake Application projects with various global OEMs. These application projects include, but are not limited to, conventional brake systems, including actuation, caliper, and parking brake applications, as well as electronic brake system applications, such as Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Electronic Stability Control Systems, and Electric Parking Brake Applications. Additionally, our group plays a key role in the design and development of Advanced Braking Systems and Technologies that will be applied to vehicle applications of the future.

The passion for increasing knowledge, desire for growth, and pursuit of product engineering excellence is something that you see at Mobis each and every day.

There are many things that I enjoy about working at Mobis, and the collaborative spirit that is present among our local team, as well as with our Global partners, is probably one of the most enriching. As our Mobis Brake Team pursues innovative solutions to our Brake design and development projects, the pursuit of knowledge sharing and application of creative thinking is contagious, and instills a tremendous amount of pride in what we accomplish, both personally and professionally.

I am very proud to be part of the Mobis team.

Colleen H. HMI Engineer, Bluetooth and IQS

I joined MOBIS in March of 2014. I work on validation and HMI for the Multimedia System within the Bluetooth team. My team reviews the logic and flow documents to make sure everything makes sense in the system.

My team is made of two parts, the Bluetooth side and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and IQS side(Initial Quality Survey for JD Powers). Everyone on my team is always willing to help each other.

One thing I like about my position is that I know what I need to do and how it is going to get done. I am looking forward to working with a lot more OEM's in the future. Our product is higher quality than the other suppliers, so MOBIS has a lot to offer.

Jonah S. System Dynamics Engineer, Steering Engineering

I joined the Electric Power Steering team at MOBIS in June 2013. I develop steering control algorithms which involves testing, modeling, running simulations, and both in-office and in-vehicle work. Day to day, my job involves analyzing and improving our current algorithms or developing new algorithms along with better test procedures.

My team here at MOBIS is collaborative and works together well to solve problems. However, it is also very diverse with little overlap in skills, giving each member a lot of responsibility. This high level of responsibility is one of the things I like most about my job. I was given a lot of projects right away and felt like I was contributing from the very beginning. I have gotten to work on a wide range of different projects, many of which have allowed me to travel both within the US and internationally.

We are hoping to use our success supplying steering systems to Hyundai/Kia to break into US markets soon, and I believe we have both the hardware and the software to do that. Some of the new algorithms we are creating have the potential to put us ahead of the competition. It is nice to be a part of a company that is growing and investing in its people. Working at MOBIS has been a great opportunity for me both professionally and personally.