Our People

Igor B. Team Lead, ICS/Electronics

I joined Mobis in November 2015 and am the Lead Engineer for Electronics Engineering. My responsibilities include leadership of all research, design, presentation, integration and maintenance of current and future products in Electronics. This includes, but is not limited to ICS, AOS, HUD, AVM, ECU/BCM, Speakers, Amp, ANC, and Camera modules. I am also responsible for the management of a growing team, including Technical Designers, Mechanical, Systems and Electrical Engineers and Interns in all aspects of daily workload and team function, training, and professional development.

What I enjoy about working at Mobis is that I am often required to dawn a new role or responsibility that would normally be outside of my immediate job requirements. This includes presentation of technical material to executive management, demonstration of new products at technical fairs, or even informal meetings with new potential customers. Mobis makes this process efficient and seamless because behind yourself and your immediate team there is a vast majority of specialized groups and experts willing to lend their support; it truly feels like you have the entire 6th largest Tier 1 automotive supplier supporting you at every step of the way.

One accomplishment that I am currently working toward is to have the Electronics Engineering team at Mobis Technical Center of America showcase our designs and product ideas in order to build Mobis’ repertoire and increase our overall corporate value as an Automotive Supplier with new and valuable offerings. I would encourage others to work at Mobis because I believe that Mobis can truly be a mutually beneficial experience for a new employee. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your technical aptitude, but will also have the chance to develop many other skills not normally associated with an technical skill-set. Being a smaller R&D center, an employee will have many opportunities for direct customer and supplier interface, but will know that a large corporation with thousands of supporting members is ready to lend a hand whenever it is needed.

Colleen H. HMI Engineer, Bluetooth and IQS

I joined MOBIS in March of 2014. I work on validation and HMI for the Multimedia System within the Bluetooth team. My team reviews the logic and flow documents to make sure everything makes sense in the system.

My team is made of two parts, the Bluetooth side and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and IQS side(Initial Quality Survey for JD Powers). Everyone on my team is always willing to help each other.

One thing I like about my position is that I know what I need to do and how it is going to get done. I am looking forward to working with a lot more OEM's in the future. Our product is higher quality than the other suppliers, so MOBIS has a lot to offer.