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Current Openings

R&D Test Engineer Apr. 24, 2017

Job duties: Perform Advance Driving Assist System(ADAS) testing and verification in North American road environment in cooperation with MOBIS R&D HQ for localization; perform data processing/management in system development, and support development stage events based on product development timing; develop test plans to accomplish R&D project objectives with engineering team; develop subsystem methods and evaluation method for complex sensor architecture and algorithm assessment; conduct systems performance evaluation(Lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection), ADAS application signoff with customer(Lane keeping assist, High beam assist and Vehicle detection evaluation); conduct certificate/compliance testing for North American market in cooperation with MOBIS R&D HQ; research to support benchmarking and technology trend survey on ADAS system for North American market.


Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, or related, and 1 year of experience.


Contact person: Lisa Bastian, HR Manager, Mobis North America, LLC, 46501 Commerce Center Drive, Plymouth, MI 48170


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