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Current Openings

Sr. Project Engineer Jan. 13, 2020

Job duties: 

Performing various engineering designs and modeling to meet design project engineering specification; coordinate cross-functional project design to get customer’s approval of GD&T specification; prepare conceptual sketches of mechanical system considering the relations between components, functional requirements, allocation of space and component geometry; analyze gap and flush point decision GD&T drawing, R&R approval; submit dimension PPAP, working with customer’s dimension and release engineer about gap, flush and datum in EQAF; coordinate all customer’s prototype and production sample delivery event, such as VP-A, VP-B, PS-A, PS-B and V1 with right sample; conduct follow-up and counter-measure simulations to improve parts performance and test preliminary conceptual designs, models and technical drawings; create design concepts to reduce both weight and cost for vehicle, using mathematical and scientific analysis.


Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related, and 5years of experience.


Contact person: Michael Sawchuk, Technical Recruiter, Mobis North America, LLC, 46501 Commerce Center Drive, Plymouth, MI 48170