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Current Openings

Automated Driving AI Engineer May. 6, 2019

No Third Party Resumes Accepted.

The successful candidate will join our growing team to research, develop, and evaluate applications of traditional AI methods and modern deep neural network approaches to solve challenging problems in:

  • Planning under uncertainty, probabilistic approaches in robotics, and novel ways for risk-aware intelligent decision making in uncertain environments
  • Machine learning techniques for novel autonomous driving applications including traffic prediction and planning
  • Kinodynamic motion planning

A key requirement for this position is the ability to evaluate a problem, identify positive and negative aspects of the various AI approaches to solve the problem, collaborate to select an algorithm while considering the trade-offs, and to create detailed design documents that enable junior engineers to code and test the solution.

Key Responsibilities

  • Spending 10%-20% of time designing and documenting applications of Artificial Intelligence methods to enhance autonomous driving decision making, and spending the remaining time implementing and evaluating the developed solutions.
  • Aspects of the autonomous driving problem of interest include action and motion planning under uncertainty with other adversarial and cooperative agents, mapping, localization, perception, control, and simulation.
  • Solving complex real-world challenges in creative, effective and efficient ways
  • Developing robust and real-time autonomous driving (AD) solutions integrating multiple sensing devices
  • Prototyping hardware and software solutions for real-time AD applications
  • Working closely with the engineering team to integrate AD solutions for autonomous driving systems.
  • Developing robust software and comprehensive testing protocol for all projects
  • Communicating and coordinating with relevant engineering, operation and product teams during all phases of technology development and technology deployment
  • Directly influence the vision and objectives for your team's work in alignment with business and market needs.

Collaborative Working Relationships

  • Work collaboratively with the local advanced engineering team(s)
  • Work with the regional teams around the globe to gain understanding and get questions answered

Key Tasks

  • Technical contribution to projects in Advanced Engineering (AE) department
  • Support sales teams for OEM meetings on technical issues

Experience Level

  • 3+ years of industrial experience

Educational Requirement

  • MS (PhD is plus) in Computer Science or equivalent with a focus on artificial intelligence and/or autonomous driving technology
  • Deep expertise in one or more areas of Decision Making, Motion Planning, Localization, Activity Detection and Recognition
  • Ability to handle and solve complex issues in systematic and creative ways      

Additional Experiences

  • Experience developing software solutions in automotive or robotics for commercial or industrial applications.
  • Deep knowledge and experience with a wide variety of sensors
  • Strong experience with software development processes including automated build and test in a test-driven development environment
  • Proven record of innovation and delivery of results to solve real-world problems
  • Extensive experience in developing real-time perception-based motion planning systems for autonomy, especially experiences in developing autonomous ground vehicles or autonomous aerial vehicles (i.e. drones).

Required Skills

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Prefer deep expertise in autonomous driving technology including publications in referred journals and conferences
  • Deep understanding and hands-on knowledge of traditional AI methods and Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning and their applications to autonomous driving systems.

Travel Requirements

  • Travel up to 15% of the time including domestic and international travel for training and coordination


  • Achievement, Monitoring & Feedback, Product & Process Understanding
  • Problem Solving, Project Management

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