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Current Openings

Multimedia Systems Engineer Nov. 6, 2018

Validation of Multimedia systems - Vehicle Head Units - to insure all requirements are met and the highest quality is reached.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review updated compatibility between devices as new emerging technology applications are implemented
  • Participate in Design Reviews
  • Identify production requirement, performance issues, and negotiate with core design team for a resolution
  • Manage small projects and technical resources, including planning, estimating, and follow-through
  • Work with Design Engineers to further define Specification Requirements and to resolve issues
  • Communicate effectively with core design team and Mobis North America to improve overall system performance
  • Create system test plans based on specifications and standards
  • Analyze test results

Collaborative Working Relationships

  • Work collaboratively with multimedia team members.

Key Tasks

  • Improve overall system performance by participating in design reviews and identifying any issues.

Experience Level

  • Preferred experience with the following: CAN, CANoe, Vehicle Spy, N-BUS
  • Knowledge of Bluetooth logging tools 
  • Experience with OEM vehicle development projects

Educational Requirement

  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science or Similar

Additional Experiences

  • Knowledge of Navigation Systems, Telematics Systems, Bluetooth Systems, and Medio I/O Preferred

Required Skills

  • Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work with customers effectively.

Language Requirements

  • English


  • Achievement
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management


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