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Current Openings

Software Engineer, Automated and Connected Vehicles Sep. 14, 2018


Design and develop functional control software for new intelligent vehicle systems

1. Design and develop new software for automated and connected vehicle research projects
- Work with Advanced Engineering project teams to develop new functional software for research and development of intelligent vehicle systems
- Develop code using SIL simulation, transfer code to prototype vehicle environment, optimize and tune software parameters to meet prototype vehicle performance requirements
2. Design and develop software tools as needed to support data acquisition during advanced R&D projects
3. Design and develop new software to integrate functionality of autonomous vehicle subsystems (sensors, V2X signals, maps)
4. Pursue innovative software solutions to provide optimized solutions to complex problems with focus on computational efficiency.
Coordinate with Mobis engineering experts in Seoul, Korea. Support advanced engineering project teams.

0 to 4 years of functional software related experience including :
• Designing vehicle active safety control software
• Integrating various vehicle subsystem and sensor outputs for new functionalities
• Optimizing functional software for computational efficiency
• Software development with model based and C++ environments

• Model Based Development, Matlab/Simulink
• Map data interfacing
• Control systems development
• Automotive Chassis electronics system knowledge
• Systems engineering
• Programming with C++
• Troubleshooting and debugging
• Programing in MBD environment
• Automotive chassis systems (steering, braking, controls)

Educational Requirements:

  • B.S. in Engineering: Software, Electrical, Electronics, Computer
  • Masters/PhD a plus

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