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Current Openings

Research Engineer, Advanced Engineering Autonomous Vehicle Research Jul. 27, 2018

Key Responsibilities

1. Propose and plan new projects to advance AV technology toward goals

- Participate in development of new concepts and project ideas to advance Mobis AE goals.

- Review and refine ideas from other members of Mobis AE team.

- Formulate effective project plans to achieve useful results towards new concepts and ideas.

- Work with AE department heads to budget and plan project resources.

2. Provide technical leadership for research project teams

- Identify, delegate, and track top level project tasks of project team members.

- Support technical development of junior members of team.

- Provide single point of contact to management for status and reporting.

- Coordinate team level decisions for unexpected challenges and changes.

3. Execute research projects

- Work to meet research project objectives on time and within budget.

- Provide effective technical/project leadership to guide and motivate team.

- Create final project report and ensure necessary documentation is captured.

4. Develop expertise and state of the art knowledge in domain of Camera/Vision processing/Lidar (pos 101).

- Track regional intelligence and developments in field of expertise.

- Engage in strategic regional activities (workshops, conferences, etc).

- Interact with other professionals/experts in the field.

Key Tasks

Propose and plan new projects to advance AV technology toward goals.

Provide technical leadership for research project teams.

Execute research projects.

Develop expertise and state of the art knowledge in domain of Autonomy/Systems/Robotics (pos 103).

Experience Level 8 - 10 years of engineering experience with:

- R&D project lead experience

- Automotive research & development experience

- Advanced engineering focus

- Automotive chassis/system/safety experience

- Simulation and system analysis experience

Educational Requirement

Masters in Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Computer, Systems, or Electronics

PhD a plus

Additional Experiences

Research or advanced engineering project lead.

Contracting with external research partners/services.

Active Safety or autonomous vehicle technology development.

Required Skills

Project planning and execution

Technical team leadership


Innovation and Creativity

Documenting Intellectual property

International teamwork and coordination

Vehicle chassis systems knowledge

Development enviroinments (vehicle and simulation)

Robotics/mechatronics/controls/perception knowledge

C++ and Model based development (Matlab/Simulink)


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